The voters in Pennsylvania had a choice between electing a doctor or a patient. They foolishly chose the patient - an obstreperous progressive mental patient. However morally incongruous and cognitively unfit though Fetterman may be, people deserve the government they elect. Fecklessness on both sides of the aisle misses the form. Policies miss the point making life unnecessarily difficult for all. It’s not hard to understand why.  Democrats like Fetterman believe forgivably that America is an irremediably racist country. They believe less forgivably that they are entitled to spend wealth that is not theirs because of it. They believe perfidiously and altogether unforgivably that everyone else is subordinate to the rule of law but themselves.

In progressive jurisdictions, Soros-funded district attorneys foment chaos. According to the America First Policy Institute, violent crime rose nationally in 2022 and is still rising in 2023. Three metropolitan areas are of particular cause for outrage. In Chicago, there were 697 homicides last year. Though down from an all-time high of 804 in 2021, they remain 41.7% higher than they had been in 2019. New York City shows a similar trend. In 2022, there were 438 homicides which was also down from 488 in 2021 but they still remain 29.9% higher from the 2019 level. In Philadelphia, 516 homicides were reported in 2022, down from 562 in 2021 but here as well, they remained 45.4% higher than they had been in 2019. In all three jurisdictions, the overall crime rate since 2019 remains alarmingly high. Chicago experienced a 41% overall increase while New York and Philadelphia reported 24% and 29% respectively, with various types of theft figuring most prominently.

The data strongly suggest that rather than enforcing the rule of law with the alacrity and fastidiousness that conservatives would generally do, progressive district attorneys abrogated the rule of law by objectifying race and class as pretext for grievance, thereby contributing to the precipitous upticks in crime rates. This is clearly evidenced in a policy memo Krasner issued in February 2018 detailing changes by which he and his assistants do their jobs.

Rising crime compounds the negative impacts on the national economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the consumer price index for all items rose 7.5% during calendar year 2021. During the 2022 calendar year, it rose an additional 6.5%. Historically under former President Trump, the index rose 1.9%, 2.3% and 1.4% during the 2018, 2019, and 2020 calendar years respectively. Compounded by the rarefaction of oil and natural gas production domestically exacerbated by the Keystone XL shutdown and green energy initiatives, we have become more dependent than ever on foreign oil and prices have escalated dramatically. The average price of one gallon of gasoline is $3.87 whereas in January 2021 it was $2.39. The 30-year mortgage rate has now skyrocketed to 7.51% whereas in January 2021 it was 2.65%. According to the Treasury Department, the national debt is now over $30 trillion or 120% of gross domestic product, a level not seen since World War 2.  People are suffering unnecessarily economically. Ontologically, this is Bidenomics.The moral and economic outlook is dire as well. Censorship and its accouterment of vapid liberal propaganda are subsuming free expression. The state is incrementally becoming the final arbiter of wealth. Obstreperous progressive elites together with their supporters hold the moral stature of terrorists, illegal aliens, and criminals in high regard. They reflexively and gratuitously glorify violence as a societal good for redress of past grievances unfounded with their wokeism and hold our country hostage because of it. Law is giving way to chaos and with the insidious and appalling bifurcation of equal justice under the law set upon by the democrat party, a civil war is slowly but surely hastening behind. America is in decline. Under Biden, it has become precipitous. Should he or another like him win reelection, it will ere long become terminal. These moral and intellectual defectives hate America with reckless and vitriolic abandon. They are unfit for public office and must be voted out of power.

President Trump must be re-elected to a second term. He is the only candidate who can guarantee American exceptionalism on the world stage by fastidiously enforcing the rule of law and espousing economic policies that have worked. People had better wise up by ceasing to conflate personality and political persecution with past performance and do so quickly. Honest hard-working folks can endure no more and deserve proven conservative leaders who set the example by aspiring to the moral, cultural, and intellectual grandeur to which they alone are capable.

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