Recent events surrounding Dr. Arlene Ackerman have shown how the windows of fiscal and moral tolerance are far, far more pliant and forgiving for her than they are for anyone else. Others have and should have been terminated long before their operating mistakes approached anywhere near the scandalous and despicable magnitude of Ackerman's: 12/3 of '9 at South Philadelphia High School, the oversight of Ackerman's tax obligations, Hope Moffet and all the rest which the lights of time and reason have yet to reveal. As has been told, Paul Vallas terminated amidst a shortfall of $70M+/- or roughly 1/9 of the magnitude for which Archie and Ackerman are clearly responsible. These derelictions were every bit as foreseeable as the consequences are inexcusable!

The gross breaches of fiduciary responsibility on their parts are simple. Conceptually, so is the solution.  Do the right thing by terminating them all – the S.R.C. and the superintendent. Return control of the schools to Philadelphia. Close about 50 charters, consolidate the sparsely attended buildings by selling them for whatever the market will bear. Collecting the preponderance of $500M+/- in unpaid property taxes and rescinding Imagine 2014 in its entirety would certainly help. Most importantly, rooting out the waste, fraud and abuse starting in the uppermost levels of city government is essential. As hard-working and productive members of society, we deserve a city government and school system which cleave well to common sense, live within their means and treat people (including teachers) fairly and professionally.

The corruption of the moral fabric of the schools and the city itself can be clearly discerned. So is the need for a 5-year forensic audit of district financials.  Protracted mistakes in both operation and underlying philosophy demand it. The fiscal and moral imperatives of our time deserve nothing less.

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