Crime has been on the minds of many Americans these days, but at no time has it  come to prominence in the national discourse faster than in the aftermath of the Paul Pelosi assault earlier this week.  As Bill O'Reilly most astutely observed, "the Pelosis don't believe in self-protection.  They also don't even consider public safety.  The maniac is allegedly a drug addict who lives on the streets of Oakland.  There are tens of thousands of Bay Area people in the same circumstance.  Authorities don't care, and that includes Congresswoman Pelosi.  Dangerous street people are allowed to do what they want."

Therein lies the issue.  Pelosi, like many progressives, selectively pettifogs the evils of progressive policy except when their insidious byproducts affect them personally, violence being one. Violence is roundly condemned by members of both parties and vociferously prosecuted only when it affects the left — in this case, the House speaker's husband, Paul Pelosi.  While such conduct has no place in the national consciousness, liberal prosecutors have been reticent to prosecute violent acts committed by progressive offenders against conservative leaders.  As cases in point, consider the congressional baseball shooting of minority whip Steven Scalise by James Hodgkinson in June 2017.  Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was also targeted in an assassination attempt by a left-wing activist protesting outside his home in June 2022.

Common people are similarly affected by such crimes seemingly on a daily basis and oftentimes with impunity, particularly in progressive jurisdictions like Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia.  As the lax law enforcement policies by many progressive D.A.s like Eric Adams and Larry Krasner miss the point, behavior misses the form.  Those in authority refuse to act.  They neither fastidiously enforce the law themselves nor permit those in their charge to have the same so done.  The consequences are as foreseeable as they are preventable.Since the summer of 2020, most every metropolitan area had been ravaged by progressive anarchists with impunity.  Hundreds of people were injured, many of them seriously.  Honest hardworking people, through no fault of their own, sustained property damage valued in the tens of millions of dollars.  They deserved to be as heavily protected as elected officials are but were not, the reasons for which can be clearly understood, as demonstrated by the police defunding movement.  In each case, authorities stood powerless.  Leftist agitators acted so perfidiously that ostensibly everyone else was subordinate to the rule of law, but not they.

Progressives, Paul Pelosi included and especially, hate America with such vitriolic and reckless abandon that they hold the moral stature of illegal aliens and even terrorists in higher regard than their honest, law-abiding countrymen.  For such people, I have no sympathy, and neither should anyone else.America has been set upon by the leftist malevolence from within, which seeks to destroy our country.  It must be acknowledged for what it is and then resisted, much as the Founders resisted the British Empire.  They understood clearly that the primacy of the law can neither be gainsaid nor relativized by subordinating only certain classes of people to it.  Without the law, there is no freedom.  Without freedom, there is no country.  We would have been subjugated by unrelenting tyranny long ago and ceased to have been a people.  This is the peril by which we as Americans now find ourselves and the doom we must deem — to uphold the law or be ruled by the whims of the progressive elite.

However polarizing politics may become, whenever war and conflict rage, we must not forget that we are Americans, which means we are exceptional.  As such, American life is and should always be a renewal movement built upon the dignity of being an American — a living hope directed by discipline, virtue, and above all order.  It therefore takes time, energy, and courage.  Most of all, it requires character and a manifestation of moral truth to set the example.  This, then, is the true business by which we as Americans aspire to greatness.  Democrats must grasp this universality so that, in time, they may at last be grasped by it.Acting like a mob by refusing to come to terms will not avail.  Only mature engagements with honest stand-up folks on the issues of vital economic policy and national security may do so.  They must be Americans again by aspiring to the moral, cultural, and intellectual grandeur of which they are capable.

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