Leftist malevolence has set upon America, seeking to destroy our country from within. It must be acknowledged for what it is and then vociferously resisted in the same way our Founders did when confronted by the abuses of King George III and Parliament. They understood clearly that the primacy of the law — exemplified by the English Bill of Rights of 1689 and the Habeus Corpus Act of 1679 —cannot and should not be relativized by excluding English citizens who were American colonists. Without the law, there is no liberty. Without liberty, there is no country.

Today, we find ourselves in a position similar to that of the 18th century colonials who founded our identity and government. Either we uphold the rule of law, the liberty founded upon that law, and the morality that is foundational to the expression of natural rights, or we shall be ruled by the whims of the progressive elite and thereby doomed.

Progressives continue to menace our country on many levels, and the GOP must do more to convince the electorate that it is the sober alternative. Even the term “progressive” can be misleading since we experienced the progressive movement at the turn of the 19th century which included both Democrats and Republicans. Furthermore, those progressives were clearly demarcated from the Socialists of the time, led by Eugene V. Debs, who advocated “collective ownership” of the means of production of a range of major industries.

But, in the aftermath of WWII, Henry Wallace, a former Secretary of Commerce under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, appropriated the term progressive; Wallace held extreme sympathies for the communist government of Josef Stalin. While the New Deal considerably expanded the role of the federal government compared to what it was prior, it still did not break in principle with traditional values based in law on: the separation of powers, federalism, the validity of the Bill of Rights, and the limitations on federal law-making found in Article I, Sections 8, 9, and 10, and the Tenth Amendment. Under FDR, it was still in vogue to be patriotic, to believe that the traditional family was the keystone of society, that deficit spending was justified but had to be handled with care, that local governments should be respected, and that “God” was not a dirty word. By 2012 though, modern progressives booed “God” at the Democratic National Convention, and now, we have so-called protected classes of people who attack the protected rights of all classes of citizens under our First Amendment.

Before the 1960’s there was an invisible line delineating public expressions that were clean or moral from those that were lewd, lascivious, and a threat to the well-being of both adults and minors. Abortion was not a certified right. There was no homosexual marriage. Eminent domain was limited to taking property for public use projects, not for confiscatory taxation as permitted later in the case of Kelo v. City of New London, and prayer and Bible reading were still allowed in public schools. In 1960, only 15 years after the death of FDR, the percent of babies born out of wedlock nationally was 5%, whereas since 2014, the percentage is about 40%, and as high as 77% in the African-American community. The size of the police force in New York City in 1954 was about 20,000, but today it is 36,000, yet crime is still skyrocketing.

Today, the term progressive has mutated even further to define a mindset that is atheistic, sexually immoral, totally relativized without objective morality or even a willingness to distinguish between women and men except for certain limited purposes, indifferent to or outright opposed to federalism, soft on crime, and unwilling to promote basic learning skills as a top priority in our schools — instead, using teachers as facilitators to invade the privacy of students with hundreds of personal questions as part of their computerized social and emotional learning programs (SEL). Even the so-called conservative Republican Senator John Cornyn joined with the progressive Chris Coons to sponsor legislation that would promote social activism in the schools. Students would study civics, but not from the point of view of learning how government works, but rather from a community organizers who can “impact” government perspective. The course should be called Obamocracy 101.

In pursuit of their goals, the so-called progressives have destabilized our national currency by printing so much money that the depreciated dollar led to the Chinese trying to get the Saudis to accept the yuan for payment instead of purchasing in dollars. District attorneys funded by Soros’ organizations, are softening the rules of prosecution in our major urban centers to such a degree that we see an unbelievable rise in all categories of crime. Progressives have relativized the rule of law by betraying the rule that the punishment must fit the crime. That’s why Lady Justice is blindfolded. She is not looking for excuses to intensify the punishment nor is she looking for excuses to diminish the punishment. Rather, justice must be objective and based on natural law as the founders wished, although obviously discrepancies will arise which the system must correct.According to the darkened minds of ‘cancel culture,’ especially according to critical race theory revolutionaries like Derrick Bell and Robin DiAngelo, race is a pretext for grievance. They vociferously impute systemic inequalities as the reasons for why people repeatedly fail. They claim such people are disaffected victims of society rather than from their own lack of individual initiative and responsibility. Agenda-driven teachers in turn have seized upon this and despotically indoctrinated their students to hate their country as irredeemably racist and repressive. They activate them to "join the revolution" and vituperatively involve them in rash, destructive and injurious protest activity.

Progressives hate America with such vitriolic and reckless abandon that they ostensibly hold the moral stature of illegal aliens and even terrorists in higher regard than their honest law-abiding countrymen. After the foreign policy catastrophe at the hands of progressives, the U.S. took in a massive amount of displaced Afghans, many of whom lacked identifying paperwork, ramping up the risk of terrorism. Refugees with no official sanction for admission to these United States and often no legitimate identification are flown in the dark of night to various localities. Lawless and disputable health mandates are directed against large segments of the population. The deterioration of rights and the explosion of tyranny and immorality from the so-called progressive Left must end.

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