The primacy of fair play cannot be gainsaid.  Mr. Green and Dr. Hite have erroneously, unapologetically and unforgivably used the issues of teacher salaries and seniority as pretexts for beating up public education and the work which principals and teachers together do best. They must grasp the universalities of honesty and fairness and wise up.  The principals and teachers chose to educate children but we did not choose to be abused.  They have put up with a lot of abuse and deserve to be treated fairly.  Sadly, many are not.  The financial state of the school system was not of their own making.  Neither are the cascading effects which have followed with all alacrity.  Together, they must forcefully speak up to make this position known or together, they will have the best seats in the house at their own demise along with public education itself.

Wherever conflict rages, however imperfect our schools and ourselves may be, America is indeed exceptional.  We enjoy the most vibrant economy, the best healthcare, the most potential for upward mobility and through hard work, the accoutrements of success of any country in all the world.  These begin with public education and with its educators in no small measure.  As such, however much and often the reportage and the S.R.C. sell us short, we must always aspire to the cultural and moral greatness to which we as principals and teachers are capable.  The past is indeed prologue.  We must not fail!

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