As recent events have already shown, the financial mismanagement of city schools cannot be gainsaid. Since 2008, when former superintendent Arlene Ackerman took office, the S.R.C. has found itself hundreds of millions of dollars short. Now that Hite and Green are in charge, the financial outlook has not improved. Property tax delinquencies continue to mar city finances. The S.R.C. has failed remarkably and repeatedly to account for its assets and the revenue it has realized since. Accountability, it would seem, is nowhere to be found especially in places and people where it’s needed most. However, the reportage has been far too provincial in deflecting all of this to Harrisburg. As ever, Disneyland progressive liberals continue to conflate funding crises with bad fiscal policies.

These people need to wise up. There should be a forensic audit of district financials retroactive 5 years before another dime is spent. Eliminating waste, fraud and abuse are essential. As hard-working and productive members of society, we deserve a city government and school system which cleave well to common sense, live within their means and treat people (including and especially teachers) fairly and professionally. The folks deserve nothing less.

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