Earlier last week, Fox contributor John Huddy reported that the Palestinian Authority will withdraw from the peace process if President Trump closes its diplomatic mission in Washington.  The failure of Palestinian Arabs to pursue peace can be traced back 100 years with defiance to any form of Jewish sovereignty.  The Palestinians could have had peace and their own state had their leaders recognized Israel's overtures by bargaining in good faith, renouncing violence and recognizing Israel's right to exist but did not.  They had no less than seven opportunities to do so but did not.  Instead, they acted with reckless abandon to bring about the destruction of the Jewish state and Jewish people.

The first was in 1917, when the Balfour Declaration not only declared a Jewish homeland, but also mandated that nothing be done to prejudice or disrupt any exiting Arab communities.  But that changed with the Nebi Musa riot in April 1920, when, in Jerusalem, Palestinians from nearby towns poured in and fomented jihad against the Jews: the mayor of Jerusalem (who is himself a Muslim) was quoted as saying: "If we don't use force against the Zionists and against the Jews, we will never be rid of them."  Many in the crowd shouted back: "We will drink the blood of the Jews!"  The mobs vented their anger, burning, pillaging, and beating up Jews and Arab police officers alike wherever they went.

The second came in 1937, where the Peel Commission under Chaim Weizmann pressed for a two-state solution.  The Jews were offered an even smaller territory on the coast from Tel Aviv up through the north, making up about one fifth of the remaining mandate territory.  The Palestinians, for their own state, would take the remaining four fifths.  This did not satisfy them, and they summarily rejected the plan.  The Palestinians again resorted to jihad, which the British subsequently quelled.  After WW2, Britain ceded authority of the mandate to the U.N.

Third, in May 1948, the U.N. recommended still another partition plan to the General Assembly.  It would have divided the territory almost equally.  The Zionists, in goodwill, made their acceptance known almost immediately.  But true to form, the Palestinians retorted that any partition plan would be met with "rivers of blood," and the newly formed Arab Liberation Army was sent to annihilate the Jews.  Thankfully, the Jews won a decisive victory, and the Palestinians ended up with nothing and became refugees.  Never did it occur to the leaders of Egypt or Jordan to accord the Palestinians a state.  The Jews did!

Fourth, in 1993 in Oslo, the Palestinians could have gotten everything they wanted, complete with mutual letters of recognition.  Arafat proved unfaithful.

Fifth, in 2000 at Camp David, Ehud Barak agreed to borders proposed by Bill Clinton.  The agreement would have established a West Bank-Gaza Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.  Again Arafat proved refractory by walking out and starting the Second Intifada.

Sixth, in 2005, Israel P.M. Ariel Sharon decided that it was neither economically nor militarily feasible for Israel to govern 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza.  For his part, Sharon dismantled all settlements and recalled the Israeli army back to the 1967 borders between Israel and Gaza without land swaps while, at the same time, leaving behind donated greenhouses, which the people could have used to create an agriculture export industry to jump-start their failing economy.  True to form, the Palestinians didn't comport.  The Palestinians destroyed the greenhouses and proceeded to launch an interminable array of rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel to no avail.

Seventh, in September 2008, Ehud Olmert presented Palestinian president Abbas with still another partition plan – his own.  It was to have been a detailed map of a future Palestinian state with what would have been mutually agreed land swaps.  The Palestinians would have gotten all of the West Bank and Gaza prior to the '67 war.  Olmert also proposed to divide Jerusalem.  Abbas took the map of the plan back to his office for further consideration and never returned.

That was the last time negotiations were held with any alacrity.  Each time, Jewish overtures were met with violence.  Each time, Israel's detractors cowered behind the shields of anonymity and political correctness when negotiations failed.

History is rooted in objective fact and can be clearly discerned through an honest reading of the historical record.  However Israel's detractors sympathize with terrorists and cheerlead for the destruction of Israel, they must consider that there exists no country in the Muslim world where Christians and especially Jews enjoy the same freedoms in frequency and in magnitude as Muslims do in Australia, all of Western Europe, the Americas, and especially Israel.  These missed opportunities reveal the consistent manipulation of the so-called peace process through decades of malicious intent of the Arab negotiators as pretexts for hastening Israel's destruction.  The economic prosperity that peace could have conferred on both Israelis and Palestinians is the biggest casualty of all.

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