Common sense and the rule of law are flowers which don't bloom in the gardens of progressives. From the atrocities of immigration, sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood, it's not hard to understand why. Progressives, more especially Clinton and Obama would do well to remember "when the truth is ugly, even a liar can be made beautiful." As we have already seen, they act with such entitlement and contempt that the rule of law seemingly becomes both selective and elective. It applies to everyone else but them. It must not. Such behavior undermines government integrity and sells honest hard-working folks short.

The country is in a bad state. The financial and moral imperatives could not be any clearer. Wages continue to stagnate while taxes escalate. The national debt continues to mount. Islamic radicals are making the world a dangerous place. Through it all, Washington has done nothing. Social justice socialism has failed and the folks are understandably upset. Those in charge need to wise up.