The Saudi government and the royal family itself were complicit in the 9/11 attacks and should have long since been held accountable. Though targeted airstrikes against ISIS are a good start, America needs to do more and craft a national policy to fight the jihad globally. Regardless of how many mass killings by radical Islamic extremists there are, folks on the left don't seem to think there's a problem or at least one serious enough to do anything about. They ignore, demonize those who speak out, deflect blame and spin. Those on the right, in stark contrast, seem to have better grasp on the history and are more committed to keeping the world safe. In light of Paris and most recently Copenhagen, I've given this much thought and have come up with a plan. Here's what needs to happen:

1. Stop reading the politics and history through the lens of political correctness. Call the crimes and the people who commit them what and who they are -- radical Islamic murderers who have killed innocent Christians and Muslims by the untold tens thousands in the most violent and inhumane methods imaginable. Simply put, we are in the midst of a multi-front war that has been declared upon us not of our choosing. "Until we shake ourselves free of wretched capitulation to the propaganda of the enemy, that somehow we are the ones responsible," (Tony Blair) as many on the left suggest, we will not prevail. This is part of what Benedict 16 called the tyranny of moral relativism and it is counterproductive.

2. Tighten border security to the north and south. Our government must be much more discerning as to whom it admits and grants citizenship. Not only the terrorists but any peripheral sympathizers must be barred.

3. Apply harsh economic sanctions against countries which provide material support for terrorist organizations and aren't actively involved with the coalition in fighting ISIS and its splinter groups.

4. We must stop indicting Israel and support her par excellence. Look:

5. The moderates, in large numbers, must publicly repudiate and divorce themselves from their radicalized counterparts if they wish to live in peace with their neighbors. Paying dreadful confiscatory tribute (I do love that phrase) to progressive radicals even through silence will not avail. The world has become a far more dangerous because of intellectual dishonesty by many on the left who refuse to learn from history and call out evil when they see it.

People of all religions and even atheists should engage in honest debate about the threat posed to our future. It will endure for generations.