Holtzmann has never substantively condemned the murders of TENS UPON TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent people, many people of them Christians who once lived in Arab lands. These actions can reasonably be construed as hatred. Not surprisingly, the left don't see it that way. They're more upset over A.F.D.I.'s sign than they are over acts of murder.

Their moral relativism and its accoutrements of diversity and tolerance have made the world ever increasingly dangerous. Their understanding of world affairs is woefully inadequate and has become the bywords for error in history and philosophy.

The need for signs would be obviated if moderate Muslims publically repudiated and divorced themselves from their radicalized counterparts in great numbers. So far, they refuse and the animosity endures.

Philosophically, A.F.D.I.'s underlying message while true, is pettifogged by Holtzmann and other disparate left-leaning fringe groups through the lenses of race and political correctness. Political correctness which prohibits folks from criticizing or disagreeing with the left does not apply when leftists criticize, disagree with, or ridicule Christians and Conservatives. Thus a double standard exists so the left lack moral clarity. Indeed, if it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all. Instead of dumbing down, they need to wise up and recognize evil where they see it. I confess myself disappointed.