The liberal media unfairly condemns Israel for defending itself in the face of terrorist attacks by radical Muslim extremists. Had Arafat negotiated in good faith in Oslo (1993), hostilities could have ended which would have paved the way for mutual recognition and eventual economic prosperity. But his fidelity missed the form. Lessons learned from it missed the point. In 2006, elections free and fair missed the right people, for the Palestinian Authority duly elected the terrorist organization Hamas, to govern Gaza. Rather than renouncing violence and recognizing Israel, Hamas launched interminable arrays of rockets against Israeli civilians in heavily populated areas because it is premised on Israel's destruction. True to form, the reportage particularly in the liberal media remains strikingly asymmetric. For almost 15 years since the beginning of the second intifada, Israel showed great restraint and spared no expense to minimize casualty counts. Still, history has shown that Palestinians allow Hamas and other terrorist groups use civilians as human shields to protect their weapons caches. In the aftermath of military conflict, the Palestinians and their sympathizers manipulate the optics to foment world opinion against Israel.

This must stop. America must wise up, learn the lessons from history and stop falling victim to such vapid liberal propaganda. Iran clearly poses an existential threat to America but most especially to Israel. As such, a nuclear capable Iran is unacceptable. History clearly shows that Benjamin Netanyahu uses military power only to protect the welfare of his people from terrorists and their proxies. Through it all, he remains steadfast with America. Obama should do the same for Israel. If we had a president like Netanyahu, there would be peace in the Mideast because Netanyahu indefatigably stands with all of his people. I stand with Israel.