This is nothing new. People feign oversensitivity. It's a tactic which people on the left are especially prone when they're light on facts, have overplayed their hand and have nothing else to say while at the same time, cower behind anonymity. They regularly resort to personal attacks and villify those they disagree with because of perceived injustices, racial and otherwise, whether real or imagined. While diabolically cunning, they are often remarkably successful. They have also proven very adept at deflection by justifying their own failings and shortcomings with those they can easily find in others rightly and wrongly.

Such people, with few exceptions, are generally dishonest because they terminate honest debate by driving false narratives. Those in the liberal media know this and tacitly comfort it. Undoubtedly, they would feel differently if the political dynamic had been reversed. Without symmetry of the rules, a double standard exists which the left employ to impede honest discussion. It is regrettable.

I remain hopeful that in time (perhaps a whole lot of it), cooler heads will prevail. A greater understanding all around will stimulate interest in an otherwise declining event once things are eventually placed in proper perspective. Many look forward to the pageantry to inaugurate a potentially prosperous new year as do I. That must be the spirit in which the Mummers' tradition is celebrated and their parade remembered. The mummers, who for 113 years, have strutted up Broad Street in style should not be overshadowed by those who have none.