On December 13, Santa Claus came early for a few in NYC who rallied for police assassinations. And yet no one in Philadelphia will sanction outrage unless it's countenanced by the left. Such people lack any semblance of moral clarity. God bless Rafael Ramos, Wenjian Liu and their families! They will miss Christmas but they won't miss Christ.

Doubtless, DeBlasio should have done more to offset the vitriol in the streets by establishing the moral tone bit did not. As ever, demonstrations missed the point by denuding into anarchy. Behavior missed the form. DeBlasio should have firmly stood behind the police particularly when two of his police lieutenants were assaulted on the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this month by a mob of the same liberal progressives who got him elected.

Obama, Holder and their coalitions of race-baiting leftist radicals like Sharpton have run life in America off the rails and well nigh ruined it for all. As politically and polemically attractive as their messages of "moving forward" and "healing" may be, they would bear credence if they all resigned immediately. Ever so much more were the polarity of the political dynamics reversed. Shameful!