We had great schools once. They were, not so long ago, thought by many to be the best in the state. They were places where teaching was regarded with honor and where kids learned what success was (independence and entrepreneurship), where to find it and how to earn it. They were once thought to be places of pride where kids who worked hard were successful and got ahead. Some of the best doctors, lawyers, philosophers, statesmen, scientists and generals graduated from them. They acknowledged failure and realized that success is accomplished in degrees and cannot everywhere and always be found and so played their parts. Now children seem to regard education as a means of entitlement where they rely on others for almost everything. Since parents aren’t as involved in their child’s education as many once were, they don’t set meaningful standards and in time, children behave badly.

Rather than taking responsibility for these things, progressive liberals without proven track records do little more than spend ever increasing sums of taxpayer money while at the same time, deflect blame and lay people off. As recent events have shown, the people in charge, local, state and federal have not managed things well so a forensic audit is sorely needed.

And so, it has come to this. Awash in corruption, indelibly marred by error both fiscal and philosophical, our once great school system has been for the past 7 years, imploding as before our very eyes along with the great staff who have, through it all, remained steadfast. An ever mounting tax burden from wherever additional revenue may come, will not avail. It is the epitome of corruption and it must stop. Amateur hour at 440 is over. Leadership needs to wise up because the folks have had enough.