I have written that there should be a forensic audit of district financials retroactive 5 years before another dime is spent! Recent events have shown that the S.R.C. cannot sustain itself much less the P.S.D. By all accounts, we still don't know where the district stands financially. As such, additional revenue, however and whenever it's realized, won't solve anything. Fair, honest and mature attacks from competent people with proven track records will. Yet the folks seem to want things both ways. Locally, they keep re-electing the same liberal progressives expecting that they've learned from the past and will at long last operate transparently. They haven't. Meanwhile, Corbett won't require an audit and regular fiscal oversight. This explains why the district's financial problems have become so cyclically protracted. Consequently, people in both parties have become jaded. Accountability in places where it's needed most is nowhere to be found. The midterms are approaching and both sides need to wise up -- fast.

The current regimes are getting us nowhere. The S.R.C., Hite, Nutter and council shouldn't agentially and interminably raise revenue by asking the state to tax one entity to fund charters and other special interests while deflecting blame. That is the epitome of corruption and the folks have had enough. On this Labor Day, to best honor the spirit of the holiday, it must stop or every day will become Labor Day.