09/08/2015: getting to know you and QNTs
09/09/2015: poetry Study in Small Groups
09/10/2015: more poetry study in small groups
09/11/2015: writing rap lyrics
09/16/2015: "What to a Slave is the Fourth of July?"
09/17/2015: integrating values which African and Native Americans have in common
09/18/2015: creating a short multimedia project integrating African and Native American valules
09/21/2015: summarizing long informational texts through outlining
09/22/2015: planning a thesis statement, body paragraphs and specific details for a 3-paragraph essay
09/29/2015: baseline writing assessment for English 3
09/30/2015: delineating examples of the 4 character types
10/01/2015: citing evidence
10/02/2015: creating a short multimedia project integrating African and Native American valules continued
10/05/2015: summarizing the main idea of a biographical narrative
10/06/2015: writing a Petrarchan sonnet which addresses a personal loss
10/07/2015: examining the historical context of A. Miller's The Crucible through essay planning
10/08/2015: writing introductory paragraphs
10/13/2015: planning an autobiographical narrative
10/14/2015: mapping the plot, setting and characters in a story
10/15/2015: transforming a narrative plan into a draft
10/16/2015: typing the draft into a Google document
10/19/2015: is being an American necessarily a good thing?
10/20/2015: writing concluding paragraphs
10/21/2015: problem solving in the Colonial era
10/22/2015: evaluating a persuasive speech for errors in logic
10/26/2015: dividing and conquering longer readings
10/27/2015: synthesizing Banneker's argument for freedom for African Americans
10/27-11/20/2015: The Tempest
11/02/2015: reading for the main idea in an informational text
11/10/2015: reading an informationala text to determine the author's purpose
11/17/2015: reading for the author's purpose
11/30-12/01/2015: direct v. indirect characterization
12/02/2015: resolving conflict through the scripting of a 3-minute play
12/03/2015: how to score a "3"
12/07/2015: using double-entry journals to identify and explain the author's purpose through metaphors
12/08/2015: writing about reader engagement
12/09/2015: facts, opinions and objectivity
12/10/2015: writing a letter to the editor
12/14/2015-T.B.D.: The Crucible