Welcome to the A.P. Principles of Computer Science class! This is the first term that I will be teaching this class. Unlike most of the other classes I have taught over the years, I assume the role of the lead learner rather than an authority. As such, I am not the last word of the subject nor am I likely to become it. I am merely the facilitator. My aim is to enable the students themselves to do the work of exposing the concepts through experiment and discovery, oftentimes with very little front loading. It is they who will assume much of the responsibility of shaping meaning from what they experience not I. For this, I expect to act as little more than the curator of materials. I make great effort and take great care to include an abundance of materials and teaching strategies but hopefully not too many at one time. I endeavor to conduct engaging and relevant lessons for all of my students in both an equitable and engaging learning environment. All of the tools needed to begin can be found by clicking here.