Political correctness and the Progressive Democrat Socialist Communist playbook must be kept in mind. Deny, deflect, spin, ask stupid questions, change the subject, change the name, call those with whom they disagree names, tax the industrious with reckless abandon, spend with prodigality and above all, lie, lie, lie and on and on and on. The left, particularly in the liberal media, need to lie. If they tell the truth, they can't sell stories and control the narrative in order to unduly skew elections. The far left wear p.c., gender and identity politics as suicide vests with such alacrity that it would make even an ISIS terrorist blush!

In sanctuary cities, testaments to the abject failure of liberal policy, they ignore the rule of law.  They unforgivably believe that it applies to everyone else but them. Rioting and murder, therefore, follow as they have in Baltimore, in San Francisco with the murder of Kate Steinle and most recently in Philadelphia with the attempted murder of police officer Jesse Hartnett. Trouble follows them like crows.

Philosophically, the entire progressive movement through the tacit approval of its silence, is premised upon and errs on the ideology that terrorists are correct and that America is the problem.  There is neither the right to rise nor defend who has risen.  Honest, hard-working people shouldn't feel proud of nor the need to defend who they are because of what they've done.  Progressives neither love America anymore nor themselves for they are as dishonest as they are lawless.

Good people have stood by for far too long and so, our country has given way to evil.  Next year, I'm taking it back by holding the left accountable for destroying America through its cowardice, stupidity and corruption.  And so the people are angry about the state of the country because government is no longer looking out for them.  America was founded by angry people and this year, they're taking it back.