I'm not an illegal immigrant nor a terrorist. I'm not a welfare leech nor a clueless professor like Melissa Click with no understanding of reality outside of the classroom. As such, I'm not a clueless student brainwashed by the far left held in thrall to the siren songs of political correctness which have been unfairly set upon by those who seek to control the national consciousness through subterfuge and deception. I see through all of these by learning to think for myself.  I am an honest, law-abiding and hard-working citizen trying to do the best for myself and my country. I am, therefore, an American.

I don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo but July 4th.  I pay ALL taxes, the dreadful confiscatory accoutrements of progressivism, honestly and promptly. As morbidly oppressive as they may be, I expect my neighbors to do the same.  I demand ANYONE coming to this country as an immigrant, come here LEGALLY and expect everyone living here to act responsibly and respect the RULE OF LAW.  I am not interested in subsidizing illegal immigrants but rather those who have valiantly defended our liberty, the veterans because they are Americans.

They fought and died to protect us from the barbarities of Islamic extremism. With their very lives, they continuously and tenaciously defend our law — The Constitution, not the sharia. Spanish and Arabic are not our languages, only English is and anyone coming here must be fluent.  So, if you don't like my country, values, traditions or my countrymen most of all, however different or however much we disagree, please stay away and don't come here.  This is America. We look out for one another because we are Americans.