As has been told, the DNC is the most corrupt organization in America.   The party can scarcely be called legitimate.  Policies miss the point while behavior misses the form.  Fiscally, they sell folks short as their intransigence on the world stage sells America short. Politically, they have not availed.  The entire progressive movement is premised upon globalism and that like communist China, errs upon the ideology that America is the problem.  There is neither the right to rise nor defend who has risen.  Honest, hard-working people shouldn't feel the need to defend who they are because of what they’ve achieved through the dignity of work. Progressives hate America with such vitriolic and reckless abandon that they hold the moral stature of terrorists, illegal aliens and even communist China as the progenitor of the Wuhan virus with all its cascading and virulent accoutrements in far higher regard than her own countrymen.  They are as morally incongruous as they are lawless.  Hence their decline and the rise of Trump.  We’ve had enough and deserve better.

The country is in a bad state. In the welter of the economic downturn, the financial and moral imperatives could not be any clearer. Lockdown fatigue is setting in and honest hard-working people are becoming increasingly restless expressing the need to get back to work. Earnings have stagnated while taxes will reflexively escalate. The national debt continues to mount. Islamic radicals still make the world an increasingly dangerous place as they ever have and likely ever shall.  Illegal aliens have crossed our borders with impunity and in record numbers. China has set upon the world with vitriolic and reckless abandon the Wuhan virus. She has yet to be reckoned with. We are in trouble.

The fiscal and philosophical fundamentals have not changed.  China must be reckoned with, the virulent evil its communist dictatorship is.  America can still be the dominant economic powerhouse it always was.  We demand the ability to determine our own future through the dignities of work and the nobility of keeping more of what we earn, control who comes here and that they do so legally. We want government to look out for us. These don't make us racist, narrow-minded or xenophobic. They make us uniquely American.

As such, we look out for each other because we are Americans and prevail oftentimes in spite of it.  Such is our heritage. The task ahead will not be easy.  The hardships to come will be as risky to endure as they will be difficult.  Such is the road to recovery.  The price is high but there can be no other.  American life is and should always be a renewal movement built upon the dignity of being an American – a living hope directed by discipline, virtue, and above all order.  It therefore takes time, energy, and courage.  Most of all, it requires character and a manifestation of moral truth to set the example.  This, then, is the true business by which we as Americans aspire to the intellectual, cultural and moral greatness to which we are eminently capable.  We must grasp this universality so in time, we may at be grasped by it.