Philosophically, the entire progressive movement through the tacit approval of its silence, is premised upon and errs on the ideology that terrorists are correct and that America is the problem. There is neither the right to rise nor defend who has risen. Honest, hard-working people shouldn't feel proud of nor the need to defend who they are because of what they've done. Progressives neither love America anymore nor themselves for they are as dishonest as they are lawless. At perhaps no other time was this made clear than with the prosecution of Michael Flynn, one of America’s greatest generals as pretext for overthrowing a duly elected president.

As the recently released transcripts of the House intelligence committee documents have proven, Michael Flynn is innocent. There was no legal basis for investigating him. But yet, Congressman Adam Schiff acted with such entitlement and contempt that the rule of law that he made it seem both selective and elective. By his conduct throughout the entire course of the Russia probe, it ostensibly applied to everyone else but him. Both he and other democrats on the committee undermined the integrity of the Justice department at the highest levels and by the means, sold General Flynn egregiously short. He valiantly served his country for 33 years and deserves our heartfelt thanks.