Human Life

It takes more than the tyranny and duplicity of the right or the pusillanimous behavior and siren songs of moral relativism of the left to make human life work, simple, messy and at times, altogether imperfect it may be.  It consists not of vacuous administrative structure where its success depends upon the failure of others as it so often does and its object is measured ephemerally only in terms of riches.  (It is ever so in the affairs of men that the putative masters of wealth and of status are accorded far greater deference and respect than the nobilities of character and of deeds).  Least and last of all, is it a strident encomium of war through vitriolic undertones of patriotism and polarization where deceit, destruction and death are glorified as societal goods. Life is and should always be a renewal movement built upon the dignity of the human being -- a living hope directed by discipline and by virtue.  It, therefore, takes time, energy and it takes courage.  Still more, it requires character and a manifestation of moral truth.  This then is the true business of the world in which we live.  Even the American regime is capable of grasping its universality and being grasped by it.