Those who have neither renounced violence nor have recognized Israel's right to exist are hell bent on Israel's destruction. Such people should be given neither credence nor quarter. Reasoning with them is impossible.

History has already born this out. The Oslo accords in 1993 would have established among other things, mutual recognition between the often antagonistic Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel. It would have also inaugurated an unprecedented era of economic cooperation and potential prosperity for which Israel would have been chiefly responsible. However, Arafat's fidelity missed the form. Lessons learned from it missed the point. Subsequent elections free and fair missed the right people.

Peace initiatives were further complicated because of these in 2006 as conflict intensified with the election of Hamas to govern Gaza. The economic consequences for the past seven years have been keenly felt by Palestinians and Israelis alike. Money which should have funded the interior ministry was diverted instead to the bellicose Al Qassam brigades to finance an ostensibly interminable array of rocket attacks against Israel. While Israel showed great restraint and sensitivity to the collateral death and injury which a military offensive might bring, Hamas unapologetically abrogated its promises to make life better for the folks.

Swarthmore College's criticism of Israel in light of history is as disappointing as the reportage of Israel's critics is morally and intellectually incongruous. As politically attractive as peace at all costs through vacuous dialog might be, it will not avail. Neither will undue sympathizing with and apologizing for terrorists and their proxies. College students everywhere must stop falling unwitting victim to the poisons of liberal propaganda and wise up.