2601 Pennsylvania Avenue
Unit #828
Philadelphia, PA 19130


Master of Science: Drexel University, June 1999.
Master of Science in Information Systems: Drexel University, June 1999.

Master of Education in Written Communication: Beaver College, May 1992.
Master of Arts in English: Duquesne University, August 1990.
Bachelor of Arts in English: Ursinus College, May 1988.


School District of Philadelphia
440 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Senior Career Teacher (July 2017)

Teacher Technology Leader (September 2011 to June 2013; September 2014 to September 2019; since August 2021)

Assistant Teacher Technology Leader (January 2007 through June 2011): I administered a Mac G5 server to maintain accounts for users and groups as well as coordinated on-site access to server-based programs and tutorials. I troubleshot hardware and software related problems on both Windows and Macintosh computing platforms for school staff and students and maintained the South Philadelphia High School website. I was named I.T. Academy Teacher of the Month (April 2008) for outstanding service and excellence in teaching.

Business Technology Teacher (since September 2021): assess the skill level of students and aligns classroom goals and activities to established state and local standards; provide instruction in respective subject area; provide students with instruction emphasizing real life applications and simulations; teach inquiry techniques that encourage experimentation and alternative approaches to problem solving; provide technical expertise in the use of tools, materials, processes and applications of technology, including pertinent software applications; provide students with learning experiences requiring them to demonstrate comprehension of concepts and the ability to use technological resources in developing solutions to problems; provide instruction that encourages students to use learned skills as tools for inquiry-based learning; creates a classroom environment in which students have access to subject-related materials that address their needs and interests; collaborate with staff members within and across disciplines to integrate subject-specific skills across the curriculum; keep abreast of the latest developments and improvements in education as it affects the instructional program; attends faculty meetings to discuss school problems and teaching methods; maintain classroom discipline; maintain attendance, grade and other required records.

Computer Science Teacher (since September 2015 to June 2020): I taught classes on introductory HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Swift. I also track technology assets and maintain the school personal property inventory and serve as the coach for the Infinite Campus student information system.

English Teacher (September 2004 to June 2015 and September 2020 to June 2021): I planned literature and writing programs for students in grades 9 and 10 based on student needs with an understanding of individual differences. My lessons typically provided for pacing and continuity with tasks appropriate to class size and level. My writing instruction included demonstrations which illustrate each step of the writing process and encouraged independent thinking and application. I continuously monitored student progress, provided feedback and adjusted instruction where appropriate.

Hope Charter School
2116 East Haines Street
Philadelphia, PA 19138; December 2002 to August 2004

    I taught students in grade eleven who were not currently succeeding in their conventional schools and who were in danger of leaving school prior to their graduation. I designed learning modules for Microsoft Office XP which included supervised and intensive technology skills instruction to improve educational competency. My teaching methods provided an environment that was designed to meet the unique and comprehensive needs of these at-risk students by utilizing individual interaction. I was named the first
    Distinguished Teacher at Hope Charter School for outstanding service and excellence in teaching (March 14, 2003).

    Jerome Software, Inc.
    8212 Forest Hills Drive
    Elkins Park, PA 19027; July 2000 to November 2002.

    Programmer: used Visual Basic 6.0 to develop modules and reports for Tru-Books for Windows, a powerful, non-modular Windows based accounting system exclusively for small businesses.

    W.B. Saunders Company
    625 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19106; November 1997 to February 2000

    Microcomputer Support Specialist: diagnosed hardware and software related anomalies and gave quick, friendly and accurate support to all users of W.B. Saunders Company software applications, Microsoft Office 97 and Windows 95. Also taught introductory usability courses on Lotus Notes 4.6 and performed PeopleSoft 7.x installations.

    W.B. Saunders Company
    625 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19106; September 1996 to November 1997

    Microcomputer Support Assistant: promptly delivered all daily, weekly, monthly and special order reports. Maintained paper inventory and mainframe printer. Provided fast, friendly and accurate help to all users on both IBM and Macintosh platforms. Diagnosed and corrected problems as they arrived while balancing priorities with normal scheduled duties. Gave quick, friendly and accurate support to all users of W.B. Saunders medical training software. Designed and implemented a help desk database with an Access 97 back end to maintain call logs on all support calls using HEAT by Bendata. Satisfied user requests with cheerful, usable training which solved the problems within the capabilities of the user.


    April 2009: Keystone Technology Integrator award. Selected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the exemplary integration of technology in the practice of teaching.

    January 2007: Secretary, Ogontz Volunteer Fire Company Relief Association (through December 2008).

    January 2002: Treasurer, Ogontz Volunteer Fire Company (through December 2003).

    May 5, 1998: Township of Cheltenham and Ogontz Volunteer Fire Company: Citation for Valor for assisting in the successful rescue of an occupant at my own deadly peril.


    May 2008: Instructional II: Business, Communications and Information Technology (Secondary School), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education.

    July 2007: Instructional II: English (Secondary School), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education.

    April 2000: Amateur Radio Operator, Extra Class; Federal Communications Commission.

    February 1997: Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) and Paramedic Assistant;
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Services.

    July 1995: General Radio Telephone Operator; Federal Communications Commission.

    May 1991: Emergency Medical Technician; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Services.

    May 1988: Instructional I: English (Secondary School), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education.


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